Two Piece Bag Mould Seconds

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These two piece moulds were our first trial batch but turned out to be not as high quality as we would have liked - most of them have gaps in the ply wood that will ideally need to be filled with an epoxy resin or filler of some sort. (See pictures)

Rather than discard them we've decided to offer them at a reduced rate due to them needing some small repairs. 

Limited stock available.

Available in two sizes;

  • Small - perfect for side pockets on bags or coin purses (not large enough for a mobile phone)
  • Large - great for larger shoulder bags or bicycle bags. Based on the design described in Valerie Michael book which has a pattern designed to go with it. 

Solid wooden mould with treated centres for moulding leather bags.

  • Bag size small - 115mm x 90mm x 22mm
  • Mould size small - 192mm x 177mm x 55mm 
  • Bag size large - 220mm x 180mm x 35mm
  • Mould size large - 330mm x 290mm x 70mm

It is recommended to apply a covering of beeswax or a similar protective wax before every use in order to protect it from water damage over time and increase the life of the mould. An alternative is to cover the mould with clingfilm before every use. - This is as well as filling the gaps as previously stated.

Handmade in the UK

Please note that the larger mould weighs over 2kg.