About us

All of the work we produce here at Stonesfield is of the highest quality. We rarely use machines (we say when we do) and everything is hand stitched, a rare thing to find even on the most high end designer goods. 

As passionate leather workers we only love working with the best leathers too and think that when putting that much time into every creation we make, we match these hides with the best hardware we can find, providing you with quality products that will last, sourcing everything from reputable producers and keeping as much of our production within the UK where we can. Our main threads are sourced from France, Germany and Italy.

We also keep in mind reducing our use of plastics to an absolute minimum and use compostable plastic and recycled materials to post your items. Its why we also have a vintage emporium. Encouraging people to buy something old or buy something that will last a lifetime is the best way to look after our planet.


Meet the makers


Our teacher for beginner students, and due to some photo shy co workers, the face of Stonesfield leather on Instagram, Aimee specialises in the quirky side of things, loving both colour and classic design. She has always loved crafts and took to leather work very quickly.

With a background in ecology and also working as head gardener at Oxford university, not only is this reflected in her design aesthetic but she is passionate about keeping Stonesfield Leather as eco friendly as possible.

She is also a keen greenwood worker and can often be found spoon whittling in sunny spots in the Cotswolds countryside. Aimee's logo is the circle and snail, a nod to her entomology background and to honour her best friend who had a random snail on his wedding invitation.

Her studio is based in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire.



The head of technology here at Stonesfield. All round genius at web design, graphic design, and pattern development. A true example of 'you should never judge a book by its cover' as, despite being a 6ft tall metal head with ample tattoos, Pete also loves making some fabulous ladies handbags.

Having a good brain on his shoulders Pete is self taught, and yet produces work of someone far beyond his training. Bright colours, often set against jet black, with contrast stitching and some perfect stamp work are Pete's signature.

Pete's logo is a circle and a bear since his original brand was called Angry Bear Leather. he still makes a stunning range of chunky leather watch cuffs which can be purchased in the Stonesfield shop. He has a real eye for colour and is a great teacher for students wanting to learn more about dyeing and stamping or he can even run zoom lesson and advice on the technology side of leather. Using computers for pattern design, setting up equipment such as laser engravers and 3d printers and how to use them. His studio is based in Beachampton.


Buying one of Robs items, you will not feel like you have just ordered something online, you will feel like you just went back to the 1930's to pick up your bespoke item.
Rob has been working with leather for 15 years, and contributes his wonderful words of wisdom to the highly recommend leather workers magazine Waxing the Thread. Rob has helped to develop many of the items on our wooden moulds section, and is the one who first taught and inspired Aimee (and many others) to master the craft.
Rob loves teaching and he is our advanced teacher for people with leather work experience looking to expand their skills or get help with designing and making more advanced projects. Rob also is a passionate greenwood worker, often combining his skills in this area in his leather work projects such as chairs and stools. He has a studio in Gloucestershire where he stamps his goods with an ampersand logo which is derived from his original business Greenwood & Leathercrafts.
Having worked predominantly in brown for many years Aimee and Pete have inspired Rob to diversify into colour. This he has done with huge enthusiasm and enjoyment exploring the rainbow colours of Butterro leather from Tuscany.

Geoff Hannis

Geoff is a green wood worker based at Grow Wilder, an Avon Wildlife Trust site, in Bristol. He uses British hardwoods sustainably felled in the local area to craft all sorts of turned items on his pole lathe. For more information on some of the products he makes and how the pole lathe works visit his website at www.treetotreen.com