Stonesfield Social

Welcome to the Stonesfield Social! 
Aimee is a member of a wood carving group that hold set times for various groups around the world to meet and carve together. It has resulted in making good friends across the globe and has been a good social outlet during lockdown. We would love to have a similar set up for leather crafters so to start with we will be running an hour meeting on Tuesday and Saturday evenings from 8pm.
Come and join us and get to know some fellow leather crafters, share tips, or just sit and work on your leather project.
It is totally free to join and always will be.
Please keep conversations that could cause debate - like religion and politics out of the group and keep it civil! Also remember people are at home, often with young family members present so please try to be mindful of language whilst in the room.
This is an open room so we do want to avoid gate crashers entering and posting unsolicited images, videos etc etc so whilst you are free to invite anyone you feel might be interested in joining, please refrain from posting the room details in any other public forum. 
For room details please click here