Stonesfield Thread Scissors & Needle Case Pattern

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Pattern for two different sizes of thread scissor case and a small needle case. Add some luxury to your sewing notions. 

This pattern is made for 4mm pricking irons. If you choose to use different spacing, please ensure that you match the number of stitching holes along each side of the scissor cases.

All patterns by Stonesfield Leather Ltd are Copyright - the reselling or sharing of them is prohibited.

This pattern is a digital download intended for manual work and is not suitable for use with a laser engraver or CNC machine.

For this pattern you will need:

Sharp knife
2 x Harness needles
Edge beveller No.2
4mm Stitching Irons
3mm Round hole punch
Wet & dry sandpaper
0.6mm or 0.8mm Waxed thread
Sam brown stud
Some squares of fabric or felt
Optional - leather dye, refillable dye pen,
5mm round hole punch, 6mm round hole punch

1 x A4 piece
Recommended weight 1.6mm - 2.2mm

Scissor cases measure;
Small - 60mm x 100mm,
Large - 80mm x 125mm
Needle Case measures approx: 110mm x 90mm.