Stonesfield Phone Pouch Pattern

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Introducing the Stonesfield leather phone pouch pattern. This design encapsulates simplicity, durability, and elegance. It folds over neatly to snugly secure your phone with plenty of protection.

This pattern boasts an easy-to-follow guide, making it accessible for experienced craftsmen and beginners alike. Its unique folding design eliminates unnecessary seams and complexity, enhancing its durability and minimalist aesthetic.

Made for phones up to 150mm x 70mm x 9mm (larger version coming soon)

Sharp knife
2 x Harness needles
Edge beveller No.2
4mm Pricking Irons
Wet & dry sandpaper
3mm Round hole punch
5mm hole punch or 25mm x 5mm slot punch
0.8mm Waxed polyester or linen thread
1 x dot snap & dot setter
Cord for a strap
Optional - 20mm half circle or hole punch,
leather dye, refillable dye pen

1 x A3 piece
Recommended weight 2.0 - 2.2mm