Stonesfield Garden Pouch Pattern

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Handy garden pouch to keep on your belt to carry all your pruning essentials.   

Finished wallet is approx. 170mm x 120mm x 70mm

This pattern is made for 4mm pricking irons. If you choose to use different spacing, please ensure that parts C and D align together and that the combined C & D + B all align with the main body (part A).

All patterns by Stonesfield Leather Ltd are Copyright - the reselling or sharing of them is prohibited.

This pattern is intended for manual work and is not suitable for use with a laser engraver or CNC machine.

For this pattern you will need:

Sharp knife
2 x Harness needles
Edge beveller No.2
0.8mm Waxed thread
4mm Pricking Irons
Wet & dry sandpaper
3mm Round hole punch
Optional - leather dye, refillable dye pen

1 x A3 piece
Recommended weight 2.2 - 2.4mm
Max 2.8mm (this may require skiving some edges down)

Finished Item measures approx 235mm x 150mm x 75mm