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The ever popular possibles pouch is the go to belt pocket for your every
day essentials such as phone, wallet and keys along with a survival kit
if that is your want.

This version features two hidden magnets to keep the flap closed but a
surface mounted Sam Brown stud is an option. Both versions have no metal
on the inside of the bag to scratch phones etc.

It is a generous 35mm deep with a maximum width of 180mm x 15mm high.

Made from 2.2mm Buttero leather from the famous Walpier Tannery in Tuscany where they tan this beautiful leather with pure vegetable extracts and dye them to stunning colours using water based dyes.

Available in the colours,:- Tan, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange

Phone and key ring are to illustrate scale and are not included in this
listing you receive just the Possibles Pouch

Made to order only therefore please allow 2-3 weeks

Fits the Field Utility Belt