Large Viking Styled Wool Felt Tool Roll

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Luke's Large Viking Styled Tool Roll is inspired by Viking bag fastenings, and driven by a need for a soft luxurious home for your favourite carving tools. Created from hand made, 100% wool felt (4mm), pearl cotton thread, and reclaimed timber.

Hand stitched using a combination of Whip Stitch and what I call "Leapfrog Stitch", the tool roll has 24 compartments to allow for 12 tools to be stored on alternating sides of the roll. The compartments are all ~5.5cm wide by 12cm tall (except for the end compartments which are a tad larger). The width of the roll is 28cm, and total length ~76cm (allowing tools up to 24cm long to be stored safely).

The wooden handle and fastening are carved from reclaimed timber, then finished by burnishing with lovely smooth pebbles from Whitstable Beach, and oiled with linseed oil. Bungee cord is used to bind the roll together with Anglers knots, providing a strong but flexible fastening.

Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Grey, Brown & Black.

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