Doldokki Diamond Stitching Chisels

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Japanese style chisel with a diamond-shaped hole made as a tool used to make holes in leather for sewing.

It is a hard and rust-resistant material, and does not become dull even after long periods of use.

Dimension: W 125 mm (±5mm)
Material: SKD11 special steel

About Doldokki

Have you ever wanted a luxury sports car, but find you can't afford it because you spend all your money on tools? Well here is the solution! 

Doldokki was started by automotive designer Sangae Kim 14 years ago and quickly become recognised as producing some of the finest leather tools you will come across, winning a Good Design award in Japan in 2016.

Every tool is a work of art, with sleek lines and precision blades and a distinctive modern look to them. Not only will they perform perfectly, but they will be a pro addition to those Instagram shots.

These tools are all hand made so numbers are extremely limited as only a certain number can be produced each year.