Colourful Gardener's Trug

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Aimees colourful version of our classic trug, made out of a gorgeous heather or orange coloured 3.5mm veg tan leather. It is totally hand stitched in the UK. Your trug colour will develop a unique patina over time as you use it.

These are not just gardening trugs, they are so handy for all sorts of things. I take mine shopping and my mum uses hers for storing her knitting projects to stop her wools getting tangled. These are ment to sit open when not being used to give easy access for tools etc.

You can also add a small pouch for tools, Rob has designed one to go with our trugs and it's perfect for keeping smaller items like stationary, small tools and seed packets. 

We can make these trugs to any specifications and personalize them too, please get in touch with us to discuss your project!

Size: 47cm x 26cm x 28cm(including the handles)
Please note: due to their large size these do incur a higher postage cost.

How to to care for your leather goods.